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CrossFit Englewood New Jersey offers coaching and training in athletics by utilizing the CrossFit methodology into our fitness programming. We collaborate the CrossFit method directly with the Self Realization approach created by Dr. Earl Walker jr. We use this scientific and practical approach toward improving human performance to get optimal livability in all of our athletes and members. At CrossFit Englewood, our mission is to challenge your body and mind simultaneously to get you to your highest fitness and psycho-performance level. We want to prepare you both physically and mentally for any obstacle you may come across in life.
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Unthinkable Progress

I have had the opportunity to meet a few hundred people in the past three months since  we opened our doors at CrossFit Englewood.  So many people have come in with little to no experience and we also have a good mix of folks with experience in CrossFit or athletics.  Over the past three months I have witnessed some of the most amazing things ever.  I know the exact moment when it started on the first day of the CrossFit Games Open when Brian Baldari snatched 135lbs for the first time and Jerry did the same on the same day.  At that time, we had only been open for a month.  Now, two months later we have had a large number of athletes train with us consistently and their commitment …

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Thursday 4/25/2013

Our first ever workout post!

“Nicole” Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of: Run 400m Max rep Pull-ups

for Nicole Ruffalo

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